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Welcome to Legal Informers – your accessible source for answers on law topics relevant to daily life. We aim to provide practical legal knowledge to help you make informed decisions.

Meet Our Team Of Experts

In addition to Founder & CEO Alena Klimianok, we have a dedicated crew with specialities across various legal practice areas:

Jessica Anvar – Lead Legal Editor 

Brian Breiter – Traffic Law Expert 

Hart J Levin – General Counsel

Alena Klimianok

Alena is the founder and CEO of Legal Informers, launched in 2023. She earned her Juris Doctor from Yale Law School, graduating top of her class. She has over 15 years of experience practicing law at prestigious firms in Los Angeles before starting her own company. Her legal expertise and passion is in constitutional law.

Alena enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge of the law through her website’s articles and social media. She aims to make legal information accessible for everyday people. Outside of running her company, Alena enjoys hiking, reading historical fiction novels, and traveling with her husband Ryan and two daughters.

Jessica Anvar

Jessica Anvar

Jessica serves as the Lead Legal Editor for Legal Informers. She earned her law degree from Stanford Law School. Her background includes 8 years working for the California Attorney General’s office handling appeals cases. Jessica currently focuses on writing articles explaining state laws and recent court rulings.

In her spare time, Jessica rock climbs, mentors young women interested in law careers, and volunteers at the humane society. She lives with her fiancé Mark and golden retriever Bella.

Brian Breiter

Brian Breiter 

Brian is the Traffic Law Expert for Legal Informers. He obtained his J.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Brian practiced traffic law for 6 years before joining Legal Informers. He provides insight into traffic statutes, violations, fines, and defense strategies.

Outside of work, Brian is an avid surfer and enjoys restoring vintage cars. He lives with his wife Julie and has twin 5-year old sons.

Hart J Levin

Hart J Levin 

Hart serves as Legal Informers’ General Counsel. He earned his law degree from the University of Southern California (USC). His legal career spans 18 years working in private practice focusing on business law, contracts, intellectual property, and mergers and acquisitions.

Hart is passionate about legal ethics and mentoring new attorneys. When he’s not working, you can find him playing guitar in a classic rock cover band, traveling internationally with his partner Diego, and spoiling his nephew and nieces.

Our History 

Founded in 2023 by veteran attorney Alena Klimianok, Legal Informers started as a passion project to increase access to legal resources for non-lawyers. After 15 years practicing law at top L.A. firms, Alena saw a need for plain language legal information people could understand without an attorney.

She assembled a small but mighty team of experienced lawyers to create a library of legal articles tackling common questions on topics like state law, traffic violations, general legal guides, and current cases. Our website quickly gained popularity by making the law less intimidating.

After a successful first year, Legal Informers continues to grow its team of legal editors and library of legal explainers to assist more people through reliable, expert-written content.

Our Mission 

We strive to make the law accessible for everyday people facing situations with legal implications. By crafting easy-to-understand legal articles, our experienced attorney team helps save you time researching issues yourself and money hiring lawyers for basic legal matters.

With integrity and empathy, we provide reliable resources to inform and empower you to handle common legal situations confidently. Please explore our site and let us know if you have any other questions!

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